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  • Hall Elementary School was named for Frank H. Hall (1841-1911).
  • Hall was a soldier, educator, businessman, inventor and author.
  • He served as the second (1868-1875) and sixth (1887-1890) superintendent of the West Aurora Schools.
  • Hall developed an advanced course of study for older students. As a result, five students comprised the first class to graduate from the West Aurora Schools in 1870.
  • During his tenure, the high school was accredited by Chicago University, forerunner to the University of Chicago. It was the first three-year high school to receive that honor.
  • In 1892, he invented the Braille typewriter. Interestingly, Hall never patented the typewriter because he felt “profit should not sully the cause of serving the blind.”
  • Hall met Helen Keller at the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago.  She was overcome with gratitude to Hall for enriching her life.


Frank H. Hall

frank haven hall

Superintendent (1868-1875, 1887-1890)

Hall Elementary

Hall Elementary School 
Dedicated in 1961
2001 Heather Dr. Aurora, IL 60506